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July 10 2012


Must Have Clothing Items Found at Equipment Shop

If you are looking for the trendiest women clothing, you can easily find them online and this season is no exception. If your closet is kinda boring and you have to make some upgrade, the easiest way for you to update it is by logging on the internet and look for an online fashion stores like the Equipment shop.

Equipment shop offer the trendiest style of women clothing line--- tops, dresses, sweaters, sleepwear and more in a very reasonable price. It is considered to be the brand of choice of many modern women out there. You surely won’t go wrong spending your hard cash money with this fashion clothing store.

The must have clothing items for your wardrobe this season found at the Equipment shop includes the following:

Over-sized sweater Cardigans
Oversized sweater cardigans or also known as boyfriend cardigans are all in- demand this season. It is an outerwear that lengths anywhere between the knee and hip. This kind of women clothing is perfect to wear with a slimmer bottoms, skinny jeans or leggings tucked into all boots. Oversized Sweater cardigans are pretty cool and casual attire, and are versatile as well. You can also wear them in more formal events as long as you know how to carry them accurately. When choosing oversized sweater cardigans you have to choose according to the color, style and design of it freely. Pick a color that will best fit to the occasion you are going to; either for office attire or for your personal outings. In terms of design, you can go for V-neck or Crew Neck. Opt for V-neck type if you want a dressier look.

Chic Dresses
Equipment Shop also offers easy to slip and fashionable dresses that are so fabulous to wear. Choose a long sleeve dress or a shorts sleeve one. You can find a number of popular dresses at the shop that can surely steal your hearts away.

Boyfriend shirts
The boyfriend fashion look is one of the trendiest styles today. It gives the allure of “girl next door”. Many women are going after this style because of it nods to their both and feminine sides. Wearing boyfriend shirts are fun and cool. They can give you a new you once you wear them. Most importantly, this fashion clothing style is so comfortable that you will love to wear them in many different occasions at anytime of the day, whether it is for casual or formal events.

Wear your boyfriend shirt ideally under a fitted jacket or vest with leggings and look fabulous instantly.

All these clothes can be found by visiting EquipmentFr.com, your number one Equipment shop online! Check the site and grab these styles now!

Equipment Shop: The Best Place to Buy Cashmere Sweater

Want to upgrade your style and make a new YOU? Get various styles of Cashmere Sweater at Equipment Shop online now!

Among the top choice of women for this style is the so- called “Ella Cardigan”, an oversized boyfriend style cashmere cardigan features six buttons closure at the front, silk button placket lining, two front pockets that hit at the hip and ribbed hem and sleeve cuffs. Available in many different colors such as grenadine (shade of red), camel color, black, mulberry and peacot for only $338.

V-Neck Sweaters are sweet style. They can give you a dressier appearance. Opt for Equipment top “Asher V-Neck” for only $258. This oversized cashmere sweater with a deep V- Neck, ribbed neck hem and sleeve cuffs also comes in variations of colors and sizes.

The “Sloanne” Crew Neck Sweater from Equipment Shop is a good buy and totally a must have piece of clothing. It features ribbed neck, hem and sleeve cuffs, perfect to worn with a tee and with a jeans or leggings for a more casual look.

Cashmere Sweaters is one of the most comfortable fashion items that you can have in your wardrobe. They are your ultimate choice for comfort factor and versatility. Cashmere sweaters can be worn year around as long as you know how to take good care of them. Dry-clean your cashmere sweater at least once a season or better if you hand wash them as they can come out feeling softer. Sweaters are undeniably a timeless piece of clothing item to own and totally a fashionable trend this season.

Aside from this Cashmere Sweater, Equipment Shop also offer trendy clothes that are very suitable for many modern women. Whether you are looking for a shirt, tops, dresses or even adorable sleepwear, you can find it all here! They all come in many different designs, styles and colors that can surely fit your personal needs, your fashion preferences and of course, your budget. Visit EquipmentFr.com and discover yourself the latest women clothes that will not only make you look fashionable and in- style, but offer you comfortable attire to wear in a reasonable price.

Buying trendy and affordable clothes for women through the use of internet (of course, only if you know the right sight to shop) can undeniably save you time, effort and at the same time can give you much more options to choose from. Women clothes at online shop are usually cheaper as compared to store/ shop you see in malls. With online shopping, you don’t have to travel and experience the long heavy traffic, instead you can purchased your clothes at the comfort of your home and in your own convenient time. Visit EquipmentFr.com and get these fabulous sweaters now!

Equipment Shop Offer Trendy Dresses

Are you one of those many women who always look for a trendy chic dress to wear when you go for shopping or during formal occasions? Well, there are so many options you can choose from the market today, and sometimes those trendy dresses can cost you a real huge of money. However, there are great places where you can find trendy dresses in a reasonable price where you whole heartedly say that is all “worth- spending for”, and this includes buying from Equipment Shop.

There are certain names of designer brand that women will always purchase and if you are really looking for the best deal, Equipment clothing is the ultimate choice. You can easily find trendy clothes at this brand name by going over the internet and visiting EquipmentFr.com, your online fashion store for all trendy women clothes and dresses.

EquipmentFr.com is an online store that specializes high fashion dresses and other women clothes such as tops, blouses, shirts, sleep wear, sweaters and so much more. This site is a must- visit site as you can able to find the best deals when it comes to trendy dresses. You would surely find not only one but two dresses for the price that one would cost you in other places.

Among the trendy dresses that Equipment Shop offers are the following:

Brett Dresses – A long sleeved relaxed slim fit dress featuring one chest pocket. The dress will cost you $248. The dress is available in Denim and Grenadine hues.

Drew Dress Denim- Perfect for casual wear or when you just need to go on a market or stroll at the mall. The dress comes in a short sleeve with two chest pockets and extra long covered henly button placket. It is an oversized Mini dress, you will surely love the comfort factor the dress can provide you!

Long Sleeve Signature Dress- If you are a bit conservative and want to gain a more professional look, this dress is exactly what you need. The length falls down into your knee, it comes with two front chest pockets, rounded hem and belt. Choose in three different colors; Orange Peel, Steel Blue and Cayenne.

Sleeveless Lucida Dress- One of the trendiest dress offer at Equipment shop is this Sleeveless Lucida dress. With its Cheetah print design, you can surely turn heads as you walk down the street. This dress is really eye catching. Totally must-buy!

Sleeveless Earl Romper- A slim fit romper with a cobered button placket, side seam pockets and self belt.

You can find more designs and styles of trendy dresses you can choose from the site. You can pick one that can coordinate your other outfits that you already have like shoes and handbags. Equipment shop will surely give you only the best, fashionable trendy dresses. Visit EquipmentFr.com now and have a happy shopping!

Boyfriend Trend at Equipment Shop

The Boyfriend shirts and tops are almost everywhere right now. You can find a lot of many designs on malls, online store, boutiques or you can even grab a piece of your dad’s or brother’s clothing alternatively. This popular trend is called Boyfriend because the concept is like you barrowed from your boyfriend outfits. It is a style that is look like from men’s clothing cuts. They are oversized clothing style yet can give you a sexy look and add an element of androgyny. One of the best fashion clothing stores where you can find these kind of fashion style is the Equipment Shop. Equipment is a signature brand that offers variety of oversized shirts and tops for women of the modern era. From long sleeve to no sleeve at all, from plain neutral colors to printed design clothes, you can find one that will surely fit your lifestyle and fashion needs.

Here are some few ways and tips on how you can look great with your boyfriend shirts

If you want to get a feminine look with your boyfriend shirts, you can team it up with tight, well- fitting pants such as skinny jeans, leggings or jeggings to instantly get a trendy and chic appearance. These combinations are really hot items this year. Just make sure that your shirts are long enough. Give a final touch to your ensemble by wearing accessories like long necklaces, bold bracelets and a pair of sexy stilettos. You can even put a belt on the low waist or on your hips.

Another way of wearing boyfriend shirt is to knot the shirt at front and get a grungy edge look. You can also pair with a simple tank underneath and show off some of your summer-ready abs. Equipment shop actually offer some women tops that is already knotted at the front like the “Diem Tie Front” which is available in black/ nature white print.

Wear you oversized shirts as a light jacket during the chiller summer night. Just throw on an unbuttoned shirt in lieu of a heavier jacket. Always remember to keep your look simple yet stylish, and never ever match your boyfriend shirt with any loose type of pants and boyfriend jeans.

For a retro look, wear it tucked in, with high-waisted pants, and for a bad girl look pair it with tight jeans and a leather jacket. Accessorize with funky necklaces and bracelets.

Wearing Boyfriend shirt is one great way to have a new look each and every day in the easiest way. Whether you want to bring out your bad girl attitude or have the appeal of a girl next door, boyfriend shirts are the best choice. Grab your shirt now at Equipment shop now. Visit EquipmentFr.com, and choose among the wide variations of this clothing style.

Equipment Shirts Should Be a Closet Staple

Equipment shirts have been a fashion staple among certain groups of people in the last couple of decades. And now, they can be seen worn by almost everyone, from young professionals to casual ladies. If you’re not familiar with Equipment shirts, it’s a brand of tops that are described as silk, oversized menswear-inspired shirts usually with two front pockets. They also have a line of relaxed button-down shirts for women.

“Two years after it all started, I didn’t know anyone—celebrity or otherwise—who didn’t own an Equipment shirt,” says Serge Ariza, the man responsible for re-launching the brand, who recalls American retailers had to fly to Paris just to ship boxes of Equipment shirts and other items back to the States. A must-have in every woman’s closet, Equipment shirts have become the go to top for a casual day in town, a formal conference at work, or just hanging out at home on a weekend.

So, how popular are Equipment shirts? Around twenty years ago, Equipment shirts would only be seen worn by the privileged for their everyday casual wear. Now, as Hollywood celebrities like the Olsen twins and Vanessa Hudgens have rocked these shirts at public events, people from across all economic classes began taking notice and have started to appreciate this particular brand of clothing. A huge part of Equipment’s popularity can be attributed to the brand’s longevity in the fashion industry and reasonable prices.

Where can I shop for Equipment shirts? You can check out all of Equipment’s clothing line and their latest collections, including their famous shirts, at Equipmentfr.com. This is the easiest place to shop for their clothes. You will find their new blouses in all their fabulous colors, which can be included in your wardrobe for use in all seasons. In the summer, the Equipment Signature Sleeveless Blouse is the perfect breezy blouse to wear. It comes in a variety of vibrant colors that you can wear anytime, anywhere. This blouse is a fantastic piece to have because it can be worn in a lot of different ways and project many different styles. It can be worn with shorts, a high waist skirt, leggings, skinny jeans, jeggings, or tuck it in a pair of your favorite jeans.

Almost everybody can look good in Equipment shirts. A woman can look effortlessly stylish and glamorous in one of the brand’s shirts, because not many items of women’s clothing can manage to pull this off on its own. Equipment offer fashion pieces that will never go out of style, so check them all out and add them to your wardrobe collection.


Equipment Tops for Casual Getaways

Going out of town for the weekend? Of course you want to look fabulous with tops that won’t go over the top. Since you are going out for the weekend, you want something that looks effortlessly gorgeous but also has that casual appeal. Traveling should be as comfortable as possible therefore; we introduce Equipment tops that would go with you on your fabulous weekend out-of-town trip!

Being casual is one of the most attracting styles when traveling out of town, it is comfortable and easy to style. It mostly deals with simplicity and you can easily see it in Equipment tops collections.

A very simple way to wear Equipment tops is to match it up with a blazer. Perhaps you are going to a colder place, you can easily slip on a blazer over your shirt and you will instantly look dashing. Just be careful with color matching techniques, your look will be well presented if you know how to mix and match colors well. Nude colors are always great, just as black and white combos are fool proof styling techniques. Being light when it comes to traveling is important because if your clothes are uncomfortable and with mismatching colors, you will definitely look a tourist from some country and people might think you are a strange creature where attractive would be the last thing on their minds.

Try on a signature Equipment top and match it up with a pair of shorts. This is perfect if you are traveling to a warm place like Florida or somewhere just warm enough you can let your legs feel the sun. A pair of oxfords or some cute flats would give this look a polished look but don’t forget that your bag and accessories can also add some dazzle to your look. When evening comes, you can throw in your blazer. For women, this look is a bit androgynous which is a moving trend this year and for men, it’s absolutely gorgeous.

There are a lot of Equipment tops to choose from where being effortlessly gorgeous is instantaneous. There are printed shirts as well aside from shirts with solid colors, their prints are also amazing and can be a bit funky and surprising. The solid ones are more ideal to semi-formal to casual events while the printed ones are great for casual outfits that can give your getaway look some personality.


Get That Trendy Hipster Style at the Equipment Shop

Hipsters are steadily growing in numbers in our modern society, and you will notice that they hang out in groups. You can easily spot a hipster because they are the most fashion forward demographic in the streets today. For all the women who are wondering how to get the hipster style, look no further—clothing from the Equipment shop is the solution to your dilemma.

Equipment clothing’s popularity is now on a steady rise because of the brand’s versatility when it comes to their styles. A simple top you can get at an Equipment shop can look fabulous when paired with other fashion pieces in their stylish clothing line. The cuts of their clothing items enhance the silhouette of a woman to give it a more flattering shape. They have many different cuts and designs like their oversize shirts or signature cut that looks amazing on ladies who wear them.

Female hipsters have now taken interest in the clothes from the Equipment shop, and their numbers are increasing. The Equipment brand has given them a wider selection to their already stylish fashion statement, adding a little more oomph that they always want with their outfits.

Today’s fashion culture has this constant obsession with shirts, and the same could probably be said in our fashion society in the past years. This kind of style caught the interest of the fashion elites, which is the reason why the Equipment clothing brand became popular in the hipster fashion culture. They have found a lot of different ways to wear shirts from the Equipment shop that they truly enjoy wearing in the streets. And when women began wearing men’s shirts, a new fashion revolution began. The Equipment brand has maintained this kind of style, which is why hipsters love wearing their fashion pieces.

Many hipster girls love wearing oversized shirts, which is exactly what the Equipment brand is known for. These shirts can easily be paired up with other trendy fashion pieces to get that hipster look. You will need a few things to complete an example of a hipster ensemble: a simple Equipment top in any light color, a sexy pair of denim shorts, a pair of ankle high lace up boots, and a stylish beret. Make sure the shirt has a nice fit so you can somehow project an androgynous look. Feel free to accessorize to add a personal touch to your outfit.


Clothing You’ll Love at the Equipment Shop

If you like to exude the girl next door charm and feel good wearing its fashion style, we have very good news for you. This fashion trend is making a big comeback and is now fast-becoming one of the hottest. With a salute to both the feminine and tomboy fashion styles, women are now embracing the “menswear” trend. And for this kind of style, there is only one brand that you can count on: Equipment clothing. Equipment is known for its relaxed button-down shirts and other clothing pieces that are considered as glamorous and stylish menswear for women.

You will find a whole lot of reasons why you’re going to love wearing clothes from the Equipment shop. First, they are very comfortable to wear. Ditch those fitting tops and go for clothing with fiber that’s made of cotton, free moving, and loose that you can purchase at the Equipment shop. You will find unparalleled comfort with all that freedom of movement, while maintaining a stylish and trendy look. You can pair them with fashionable accessories, sexy skinny jeans, and you are guaranteed to make heads turn.

The appeal it gives to women involves a touch of masculinity, which elevates her femininity through the outfit. You can match an Equipment blazer with a form-fitting ruffled or sheer tank top. It not only shows off how petite you are in comparison to the slightly oversized blazer, but your curves are also subtly flaunted. The whole ensemble will look even more fabulous with a flirty brooch or a nice string of pearls.

Equipment’s clothing line is very versatile. You are guaranteed to find something to wear for any occasion. Although, they are best worn for casual events, which is perfect for a night out with the girls or a casual coffee date. But if you intend to wear them for a formal occasion, you can accessorize with flashy jewelry like bracelets, chains, and pendants. This will surely make people take notice, setting you up for a wonderful evening.

If you browse through their collection at any Equipment shop, you will notice that any of their shirts and blouses can look amazing on you. Their cuts can match any body type, which conceals the problem areas of your body and flatters your assets. They are guaranteed to make you look at your best.

Equipment is a brand that can be totally appealing to the modern stylish woman. You can get comfort and style at very reasonable prices. Visit your nearest Equipment shop or online retail store and shop now.

June 20 2012


Equipment Clothing – The Shirt Dresses

A style of dress that has its roots in men’s shirts, is the uncommon shirt dress. This kind of dress is discovered in numerous various styles on the market these days and famous designers such as Equipment clothing are providing women with great collection of shirt dresses.

Fabrics utilized range from affordable cotton to outrageously priced silk. Most shirt dresses are created such that it is a loose fit on the body. This I basically so that the wearer can both wear a belt to secure it or wear it loose to give a much more casual appear. Shirt dresses also come in designs that function smaller cuts so that it better fits the body. Shirt dresses also come in numerous designs that consist of practically any colors and printed styles. The loose cut of shirt dresses mean that they are able to look good when worn by practically anybody.

This really is one of the best option of universal women's garments especially for those with slightly bigger bodies. One can find many ways to include shirt dresses in their wardrobe selection so that they better suit their styles. Other than that, you can even wear shirt dresses to semi-formal to casual events. Wearing accessories can further enhance its charm.

In fact, you can wear almost any type of accessories such as jewelry like brooches, necklaces and earrings or even play with accessories of various colors. An additional benefit of wearing a shirt dress is that depending on the method of wearing it, one can make the garment suitable for nearly any occasion. If you are travelling for business or leisure, bringing 1 in a neutral shade like cream or tan can make sure that you don’t pack your suitcase to the max. You are able to wear a shirt dress of tan color together having a pair of tan heels or pumps for an workplace day.

You can usually attempt securing the shirt dress having a tan belt of medium size around your waist to provide you with a much better appear. This look will probably be even better for the office if the shirt dress in question features a cuffed sleeve. You can even modify this look to create it suitable for even window shopping. In this case, one should wear a pair of black leggings while removing the belt.

To complete the shopping outfit, replace the heels or pumps having a pair of gladiator heels or perhaps a pair of flats. A shirt dress will also appear magnificent while tucked in a skirt. In this case, a brown or dark colored skirt will appear excellent with the cream or tan shirt dress. The best option of footwear here will be a pair of shoes that match the shirt dresses color. Another technique of wearing shirt dresses could be having a pair of cropped jeans especially for events like a casual outing such as brunch or tea. Wearing it loosely whilst cinching the shirt dress will also work excellent here. You generally do not want a color that stands out too much.

While some "fashion hybrids" are better left on the drawing room floor - we'd like to forget that jeggings and jorts ever happened! - there are a few success stories of experimental clothing mashups. Case in point: the shirtdress! It's not difficult to see why this clever combination of two classic wardrobe essentials (the collared button-up shirt and the dress) has been a mainstay in women's closets for decades, as the result is effortlessly feminine, always stylish, and flattering for all figures. Thanks to premiere fashion houses like Equipment Clothing.

Best Button-Down Shirts at Equipment Clothing

In keeping with the menswear trend this winter, celebs have recently been seen sporting oversized button-down shirts. (Above: Karolina Kurkova; Mary-Kate Olsen; Rhianna; Sienna Miller). I love this trend because it is undeniably classic and for some reason I find it to be rather sexy. As seen above, the oversized button-down can be worn in many different ways tucked into a pencil skirt (my favorite), over leggings, tucked into denim shorts (another of my faves), and with skinny jeans. The key is not let the shirt's large size overpower your frame. Keep whatever you wear on the bottom fitted. If you are interested in trying out this trend, below are some button-down shirts from the top brand “Equipment clothing” options for you to choose from:

Python-print silk-chiffon shirt – Equipment’s perfect-fit shirts are mandatory investments for every city girl, so choose this python-print silk-chiffon version to meet your wardrobe requirements for timeless appeal and on-trend cool. Tuck this exotic style into leather shorts for a polished downtown look.

Diem tie-front washed-silk shirt – Equipment’s classic washed-silk shirts are a capsule wardrobe essential and this sleeveless tie-front style is perfect for spring. Team yours with bright pants and a clashing bag for a contemporary mix.

Daddy printed silk-chiffon shirt – Coveted shirt label Equipment updates a staple for spring in delicate white silk-chiffon with a beautiful floral print. Go for boy-meets-girl chic by teaming this pretty piece with tailored pants and brogues.

Signature washed-silk shirt – Fashionistas in the know can’t wait to see the latest hues of Equipment’s washed-silk ‘Signature’ shirts, and this steel-blue style is set to please. Classic and forever-chic, we think it looks especially on-trend teamed with bright pants – finish with a chain-strap bag and suede sandals for polished perfection.

If you want something that exudes sheer simplicity and sophistication at a reasonable price then you can get them from Equipment clothing. Equipment apparel have wonderful tops to choose from that will never go out of style. The color of equipment apparel tops are always vibrant and always match the elegance of women. You can get colors in hibiscus, in a beautiful aqua marine or a top that combines white, nude, and Chinese red elegantly. Equipment will definitely be a hit this year.

Equipment tops are perhaps the most versatile and most convenient top that mankind ever invented and it is something that will never go out of fashion. It’s collection is effortlessly chic with a touch of the man’s world which reflects strong attitude for women. If you still don’t have a shirt from equipment then we highly suggest that you buy one for your wardrobe.

Take A Look at Equipment Clothing

Menswear inspired women’s clothing is definitely taking the fashion world by storm. If there’s a menswear inspired top that can withstand the test of time it would be found hanging in the Equipment apparel store. Let us look back at the story of the brand that started it all.

Once upon a time in the late seventies, Christian Restoin—the longtime partner of Carine Roitfeld—married the aesthetics of Network and disco with a line of breezy silk menswear-styled shirts for women called Equipment. Throughout the eighties and nineties, they were the linchpin day-to-night item in a smart city girl’s wardrobe. There is no woman who doesn’t own Equipment clothing, the demand is crazy but then the un expectable happen. For a label to shutter because of family and business politics, as happened here, is a familiar nineties story.

But just when we thought Equipment clothing brand is over: The line re launches for Spring 2010. The classic collection of Equipment apparel became a worldwide success that made the oversize shirts an icon of the 80s. The new collection remains to be classic, has that minimalistic undertone of the brand, fusing the sophistication of the French with an air of effortless chic look, laid-back, California Style.

Serge Azria—brother of Max, owner of Current/Elliott and Joie, and now informal “guardian” of Equipment—attended both the cocktail party and the intimate dinner that followed at Indochine last 2011. “Everyone here is too young to remember the original line,” he said, gesturing at the youthful attendees around him. “But ask your mothers—they will remember Equipment clothing! And I guarantee you they loved it.” He reveals that Restoin, who remains connected to the newly re launched brand, has kept every Equipment shirt ever created in his Paris archives—all 3,500 of them. Meanwhile, the 135 new Equipment styles do the brand’s “new vintage” legacy justice and integrate seamlessly into the tailored, menswear-inspired trends hitting New York’s runways this week. That’s something mothers and daughters alike can appreciate.

The brand new collection pays tribute to the classic and minimalistic undertones of the Equipment clothing brand—blending an unmatched French style with an aura of effortless elegance, and a laid-back California style. The timeless and innovative collection features modern silhouettes, luxe fabrics that exude discreet sexiness, creative details, and a feminine touch in men’s shirts. The wide range of fabrics, prints, and styles express the many aspects of the Equipment woman: elegant, stylish, strong, sexy, adventurous, and most of all, classic.

In the short span of time since the brand’s relaunch, Equipment has already gained prominence in some of the most distinguished retail shops worldwide. The brand has, once again, forged itself as a fashion tour de force with distribution throughout North America, Europe, Australia, Russia, and New Zealand. Whether paired with chic jeans or with high fashion couture, Equipment’s versatility and prominence is unparalleled.

Sweeter Dreams with Equipment Pajamas

The ultimate comfort in sleepwear is found with Equipment pajamas. You may not believe what we have to tell you but Equipment pajamas are very comfortable and are a great way to wear your sweet dreams. The comfortable Equipment pajamas in silk are very gentle on the skin and not only that, but they also feel great.

Equipment is not just popular for oversized shirts or boyfriend shirts, they are also popular with pajamas, a simple pair of clothing that has made a lot of women sleep better and have sweeter dreams.

Let’s look at the pairs of pajamas that can help you doze off easily at night.

Avery Pajama Set

This is probably the most popular of all Equipment pajamas out there. The comfort that it can give to you can help you have zzzs like sleeping beauty. The silk fabric is very nice on the skin and they are also very light, not to mention will make you feel ultimately gorgeous. You should think as if you were being lulled to sleep when you wear them. The colors available for this set are tapioca, black, and Baltic blue.

The trousers here are long and will flow heavenly upon your legs.

Lilian Pajama Set

There’s also a sexier version of the previous Equipment pajamas but this time, be prepared to show your gorgeous legs. The Lilian set of pajamas is pretty much the same with the Avery except for pajama shorts instead of pajama pants. This is perfect for traveling as they save up space in the bag and is very easy to put on. You can easily have the comfort of these pajamas pretty much anywhere.

Go crazy with the leopard printed Lilian pajama set. In order to get the best result when wearing this set, make sure that it fits you properly, the shorts will be ultimately gorgeous and sexy on you if they fit perfectly.

There’s also the classic striped set which has that feel of vintage style. Something that is just right and doesn’t go overboard, the best-seller among the Lillian set is this one because of its simplicity and heavenly comfort provided of course.

Sleeping is a very important thing in every one, we want to rest easy and sleep well after a hard day’s work. Of course we would like to wear something that is very comfortable and feel wonderful on our skin, the choice is here. Equipment pajamas are the best sleepwear.


Equipment Shirts and Other Menswear Take Over Women's Trend

As the spring/summer shows wound up in Paris last week, tomboy chic - boyfriend blazers, wide-legged trousers, peg-leg pants, power suits, stiff white shirts, suspenders, fedoras and stetsons- emerged as one of the hottest new looks of the season. And the Equipment clothing brand (brand that started menswear inspired fashion to women) which is very popular in the late 70’s is back on track. Back in the 70’s and 80’s all women own a Equipment shirts and this 2012 they are back in the big way.

Of course, man-style dressing is nothing new. It's flitted in and out of fashion for decades, ever since the 1930s when Katharine Hepburn and Marlene Dietrich became symbols of masculine glamour in tailored suits and ties. Yet the latest revival of man-style dressing has fashion scribes wondering what it all means. After all, menswear-worn-as-women’s wear has long been bound up in questions about sexuality, gender and equality, not to mention broader social shifts.

When Yves Saint Laurent, for example, introduced Le Smoking tuxedo suits for women in 1966, many uptight chauvinists were outraged. The tux empowered women. They could dress just the way a man of power or influence might. Heaven forbid. It also celebrated the arrival of the sexual revolution.

In the 1980s, the emergence of the shoulder-padded power suit symbolized more than just a passing trend. For a generation of women looking to head butt the corporate glass ceiling, it gave them the visual illusion of strength - equal to any male colleague.

Are we simply inspired by the androgynous cool of Agyness Deyn, the Artful Dodger-inspired looks of French "it" girl Lou Doillon - all wide-legged trousers, boyfriend blazers and top hats - or even rock poet Patti Smith, in her white shirt and braces who is firmly back in the public spotlight with the release of her biopic, Dream of Life, currently showing at the Melbourne International Arts Festival?

Or does it go deeper than that? Could the recent run of female leaders, both here - Anna Bligh, Julia Gillard, Quentin Bryce and Kay Goldsworthy, Australia's first woman bishop - and overseas - think Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton, just to name the glaring obvious - be sending a broader message that women wear the pants around here?

Or maybe we're all just looking into it far too deeply. Perhaps the return of the power suit - shown with man-style fedoras at Gucci; with vests and lightly padded shoulders at Gaultier; and in pin-stripes at Bottega Veneta - is simply a backlash against the overload of feminine florals and ruffles that have dominated recent collections. Maybe we just need a reason to go and buy some new clothes. So shop Equipment clothing today!


Equipment Shirts - Oversized Shirts Takeover

We’ve heard about shorts. We’ve wondered about crop-tops. But isn’t it time we take note of the fact that the big shirt has suddenly shot up in the 2012 hierarchy of day-to-day spring chic? Put it this way: Only a couple of years ago, the very suggestion of wearing an oversize, long-sleeved shirt, worn untucked, with tails flying, would have made most fashion-conscious women flinch. Now, though, thanks to a subtle switch in perception, we find ourselves of the opinion that upper-body coverage—buttoned-up necks, long sleeves, and an elongated, waist-de-emphasizing volume—are 100 percent desirable. Thanks to Céline, Rag & Bone, DKNY, Givenchy, J.Crew, and a slew of young designers, the oversized shirt is now in full active service on many fashion fronts.

But most of all designers, we have to thank you the one brand that started it all – the Equipment brand. First launched in 1976 by Christian Restoin, Equipment clothing was considered the quintessential resource for relaxed button-down shirts and they are the brand that started the menswear inspired clothing. "Two years after it all started, I didnt know anyone, celebrity or otherwise, who didnt own an equipment shirt. says Serge Azria, who remembers American retailers flying to Paris just to ship boxes worth back to the States. In the late 1970’s and early 80’s, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t own Equipment clothing brand.

The status makeover has, of course, involved crucial tweaks. What began as a men’s staple has undergone endless creative twiddles before emerging as a female favorite. The fabric’s been enhanced, prints have been played with, the shoulders narrowed, the cuffs lengthened, and the shirttail exaggerated to the point that it flows and flutters insouciantly in the breeze as its wearer strides along sidewalks and through corridors.

Sometimes, big shirts play a role in summer’s new ways of layering, their cuffs and tails left peeking out of and trailing behind the ubiquitous blazer. Amongst the countless design permutations—echoing men’s dress shirts, banker’s stripes, pajama tops, Hawaiian prints, djellaba-inspired, Western styling, and almost every other hybrid imaginable—there’s a shirt for almost every occasion, age, and way of life. Often, you’ll find, when paired with the right accessories, the smartened-up, outsize shirt has enough fashion presence to walk into meetings, dinners, and evening events, rendering a jacket unnecessary. And for those looking further into the future, there’s more mileage ahead: Big shirts will be playing a role in the scaling-up of proportions for fall, too. Buy now, and be prepared.

Oversized fashion has a major advantage in that it fits basically every figure. Full-figured women should be cautious about choosing tops because anything too wide can simply look too big. And oversized fashion is also practical. Women who don't care to pay for styles that have borrowed heavily from men's fashion can simply have a look in their boyfriend's closet. Or if you are looking to buy the perfect oversized shirts, then look no further than Equipment clothing. Equipment brand offers the most comfortable, soft, and fashionable blouses & best of all they are available in tons of colors, fabrics, prints and sleeve lengths! These blouses can be worn with a variety of skirts, pants, shorts, and denim for either a dressy or casual look.


Equipment Shirts - A Fashion Staple

In the past two decades, Equipment shirts have become a fashion staple among different groups of people. Once the top of choice for preppies, Equipment shirts can now be seen on everyone from professional women to casual chic. If you’re not familiar with clothing terminology, an Equipment shirt is a top that has two front pockets, silk oversized menswear inspired shirts. Equipment was considered the quintessential resource for relaxed button-down shirts. "Two years after it all started, I didnt know anyone, celebrity or otherwise, who didnt own an equipment shirt. says Serge Azria, who remembers American retailers flying to Paris just to ship boxes worth back to the States. A top in almost every closet, women’s Equipment shirts have become the go-to clothing item for a casual day in town, an office wear or even just hanging out at home on a Sunday.

Just How Popular Are They?

Twenty years ago, women’s Equipment shirts would only be seen among the casually dressed privileged and those who wished to emulate them. As celebrities such as the olsen twins and Vanessa Hudgens rocked Equipment shirts at public events, both men and women across all economic classes began to appreciate this particular clothing item. A large part of the reason for the popularity of Equipment shirts is their inexpensive prices and their brand that already withstand decades in the industry.

Where Can I Get Women’s Equipment Shirts?

Equipment clothing website at Equipmentfr.com can provide you with their latest collection. This is the easiest place to buy. The new Equipment blouses they have at their website comes in amazing colors, are super stylish and can be incorporated into your wardrobe from season to season. The Equipment Signature Sleeveless Blouse is the perfect easy, breezy blouse for Summer. This blouse comes in so many bright, vibrant colors you can pretty much wear it anywhere. Equipment Signature Blouse is such a great piece to own because it can be worn a million different ways. The Equipment Signature Blouse can be worn with: a high waisted skirt, shorts, skinny jeans, leggings, tucked into your favorite jeans, etc.

Who Can Wear Equipment Shirts?

Almost everyone looks good in a Equipment shirt. When women don one of these tops, they manage to look effortlessly chic without trying too hard. Not many items of women’s clothing manage to do that all on their own.

Women’s Equipment shirts are the must have fashion piece that has only become more popular as the years pass. Go out right now and get one!

June 19 2012


Trendy Equipment Clothing Pajamas

Sleeping is one of the essential activity that women value most. Sleeping help us get better from our daily stressful life. With taking a sleep, we can forget our problems for a few hours and can able us to regain strength for the next day to face. It is very important for everyone to get a good deep sleep, and to make this possible, it is necessary that one feel comfortable with the clothes they wear when they go to bed. Some women look for both comfortable and stylish sleepwear as it makes them feel more than comfortable but also prettier even when they are asleep. Thanks to sleepwear designers, comfort need not to be compromised with style and appearance.

There are various sleepwears options you can choose from the market. It might either be a chemise, sleep shirts, slips, boxers, nightgown, night caps, peignoir, camisole, teddy, babydoll and so much more. But the most sought after by many women are the Pajamas.

Pajamas are a classic sleepwear. It is sometimes called as ‘jammies’ or ‘PJs’. They can also be a good way to be relaxed and have your stress relief. Women often want to wear something comfortable-most preferably, something loose or short; something that will not limit their movement when sleeping, Equipment clothing offer all of these. The brand offers pajamas in many different designs you can choose from, colors, textures, materials, types, etc. Among their top designs are the Avery Pajama Set that will cost you $408 to buy. It is available in many different relaxing colors such as Tapioca, Baltic Blue and Black.

This pajama set includes an oversized pajama top featuring a flat collar, lapel, chest pocket and piping details. The pant of it is wide legged with a drawstring waist and features a piping detail. Another trendy pajama you will like from the Equipment clothing collection is the Lilian Pajama Set which price $388 only. It has an animal print design that is so cute and adorable. The matching shorts feature a drawstring waist, contrast piping and side seam pockets. It is available in all sizes, from extra small to large one. You can also find this set in different design which is name Lilian Pajama Set Aqua Marine. It is aqua marine in color with white horizontal lining at most part of the clothes. The set comes in packaged in a matching silk envelope.

If you are interested to get your own stylish, trendy pajama, there is no better time than to get it today. Visit Equipment clothing site at equipmentfr.com and discover it yourself. The internet will allow you to see and purchase easily at the convenient of your house your chosen sleepwear, all with just a click of your mouse.


Equipment Clothing; Wear it With Attitude

For many years now, the way we clothes also represent the way we are living. Sometimes we wear clothes on what our mood, on what is essential, on what clothes we feel comfortable wearing or sometimes we wear clothes to follow what’s latest in fashion trend. Wearing clothes is one of the best ways to express ourselves and create a trend on our own. Personal trend shows your special character. When you are confident, most chosen clothes can be fashionable and suitable for you no matter what it is.

One of my favorite styles I love wearing personally is the Equipment clothing. It is characterized by its refined tailoring and timeless glamour which catapulted the brand into recognition amongst the fashion elite. The brand simply focuses on making shirts which you will surely love because of its versatility and stylishness. The Equipment clothing show off boyfriend dressing style which is, in fact, considered as one of the key trend in this season. The idea of this style is to dress like a man while still maintaining the feminine appeal. Many Hollywood celebrities are seen sporting this style like Madonna, Kate Moss and Katherine Hepburn, Angelina Jolie and more.

Equipment clothing offers a lot of cute, fashionable boyfriend shirts. You can find them in a reasonable price. They are made of the best quality materials so sure you will get the maximum level of comfort when you wear it. The best thing about wearing Equipment clothing is that they are easy to wear, meaning, you can wear them anywhere and anytime you want just by putting a little imagination and flair. You can use trendy and chic accessories to complement your overall attire.

Equipment clothing started in 1976 by Christian Restoin, and has gained a lot of followers. It becomes so popular today that the mainstream people totally love wearing it. When you check the online store for Equipment clothing, you will find variety of styles ranging in different decent price. The clothing collection also comes in array of colors, prints and designs. The shirts made by the brand are very famous for the soft fabrics, loose cut, and patch pockets. At the same time, with Equipment clothing, regardless of your size and body shape, you will surely find one that will fit you. Wearing Equipment clothing is best to wear more during casual occasion but you can find several shirts and blouses that you can wear even on formal events too.

Equipment clothing is mostly design for women who have the style and can effortlessly pull off the look. Remember to wear your Equipment clothing with attitude, and sure you will not just look fashionable and in- style but you can also create your own personal unique appearance.


Love the Equipment Clothing!

If you like the charm of the “girl next door” style and feels good wearing this kind of fashion, here is good news for you! It is now back in the fashion trend and now considered as one of the hottest. With nods to both their feminine and tomboy sides, women are now hugging the “boyfriend” fashion trend. And for this style you can trust one brand name- Equipment clothing. Equipment clothing was renowned as an ideal source of relaxed button-down shirts and fashion items that turns “men’s shirt into women’s shirt” without losing its glam and chic.

There are many reasons why you will love wearing Equipment clothing. First, it is comfortable! Forget about wearing fitted shirts. With Equipment clothing you can get mostly cotton, free moving, loose shirts and blouses. You can surely enjoy the freedom of moving while keeping your stylish and fashionable look. Pair them with trendy accessories, leggings or skinny jeans, and you can surely turn guy’s heads to you.

Another appeal for women is that the touch of masculine in her outfit plays up just how feminine the rest of her is. Match your Equipment blazer with a form-fitting sheer or ruffled tank, and not only does that slightly oversized blazer show off how petite you are in comparison, but your curves are anything but hidden. The outfit will look even more amazing paired with a flirty brooch or just your mother's pearls.

Equipment clothing is also versatile, you can wear anytime and anywhere you want. Ideally, it best gear during casual events. Perfect outfit for a night on the town or out with friends for coffee. On the other hand, if you are going to wear it for formal occasion you can just add jewelry like flashy pendants, chains and bracelets, and you can surely be set for a wonderful night.

The best thing about buying at Equipment clothing collection is any shirts and blouses you choose can absolutely look best to you. It matches any type of body size and shape. And more it helps to conceal problem areas of our body. Without a doubt, we can say that Equipment clothing line can look great on everyone.

Lastly, Equipment clothing comes in a fair price. You will spend at least $180 and above. You will find yourself buying not only one time but more. Equipment clothing comes in various styles and designs of boyfriend shirts, in many different colors, and in all available sizes.

Equipment clothing is a brand that absolutely appealing with many woman, and with the brand you can surely get the comfort and style you need in clothes, it is a trend that women are adoring as much as the men who inspired them.


Things to Remember when Buying Fashionable Clothes at Equipment Clothing

The fashion wear today covers a real huge numbers of apparel from men to women clothing. We can’t deny the fact that the way we dress reflect our own individuality and tells the people around us a lot about who we are.

More than a necessity and more than as a protection, it also allows us to express ourselves and make our appearance improve. And with a lot of different clothing options available in the market today, choosing the perfect one for you sometimes appear to be a daunting task. However, if you have a little thought and imagination on your mind of your personal fashion preferences, you can come up easily a clothing style that will truly reflects who you are.

Among the trendiest fashion shirts style today are the one from Equipment clothing. Equipment clothing offers women tops from the style and cut’s of men’s clothing. It combines a touch of masculinity with flirty, feminine edge. Many women love this style because of its comfort factor, affordability and stylishness. Yet, there are still things that you have to keep in mind when choosing a fashionable clothing or apparel from Equipment clothing. Here are the few of them.

• Think of what apparel you think you feel comfortable to wear. Equipment clothing offers soft fabrics, loose cut, and patch pockets shirts and women tops. You will absolutely love their shirts as you can freely move without any hassles. Remember that whatever you’re going to be doing, the clothes you wear should accentuate the real you and can help you feel confident.

• Know what the latest in fashion trend is. Equipment clothing is one of the hottest in fashion trend today. Many women love the style. In fact not, you can see some of the Hollywood celebrities wearing this brand. You can find Equipment clothing items easily in the internet. Equipment clothing brand offer timeless, quality clothing at decent prices and good fashion design at the same time. Take your time to choose on their wide range collection. There are lot of colors and style available for you.

• Pay close attention to the type of clothes you want to wear and to where you will mainly used it. However, the best thing about buying Equipment clothing is that they are versatile. You can wear them both in casual or formal occasions, just do accessorizing to add flair.

• Check your budget (It is always given). Whenever you are planning to buy of something else, it is very important that you know how much money you are willing to spend off. Equipment clothing price normally ranges from $180 and above. You don’t want to find yourself spending more than of your allotted money.

June 14 2012


Corso Como Shoes Are My New Obsession

Like me, a lot of women, if not all, love shoes! Whether they’re flats, wedges, heels, or even flip flops, I am compelled to own a pair that catches my fancy. I had the opportunity to visit my sister in PA in one occasion, so I took the train from the city where I was based in to meet up with her.

From the train station, we instantly darted to—where else—to the mall. But this isn’t just any other mall; it was the King of Prussia mall. I was feeling a bit down in the dumps so we both figured that retail therapy would be the right pick me upper. During our shopping trip, my sister told me that a pair of nude shoes are a must own this season. They are perfect with any color jeans, sundress, or even a business suit. They help make your legs look long, too—a plus for vertically challenged women out there. I did get myself a new pair of shoes that day, however, I didn’t get the nudes. This has made me feel like a void was left inside me.

Let’s fast forward to a few weeks later. I am at Nordstrom and instantly decided that was the day I would get my hands—or feet for that matter—on those well-needed pair of nude colored shoes. After going through a few pairs, I came across my new loves: Corso Como shoes.

I got high heeled nude shoes, and I must say they are so comfortable to wear! This new pair of Corso Como shoes has the most delightful and pleasant padding that cushions the balls of your feet. I wore them all day last week and just absolutely loved walking in them around the office. It felt so good that my feet weren’t killing me after a full day or running around in a new pair of shoes. I think my flashbacks to the night I wore a new pair of killer heels have lessened significantly after strutting my stuff in a pair of Corso Como shoes.

An accurate description of the pair I purchased from Nordstrom says:

“A supple leather lining and cushioned footbed offer exquisite comfort to a timeless round toe-pump, balanced on a narrow shaped heel.”

- Approximate heel height is 3 inches

- The shoe is made of a leather upper, lining, and sole

I fully recommend that you add this shoe to your collection!

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